2014/03 EETI invalidated ELAN’s China patent by successfully presenting evidence.
2013/11 ELAN lost the patent infringement lawsuit against EETI in Taiwan, and also dismissed the patent infringement lawsuit against EETI in China.
Projected Capacitive   Surface Capacitive
Resistive   Surface Acoustic Eave
Infrared   Accessory
2015/06 EETI eGalaxPen passed Windows 10 Pen Digitizer logo
2015/05 Update eGalaxTouch Driver for Windows
2014/11 EETI at Electronica 2014
2014/09 EETI SoC EXC3104 supports eGalaxPen
2014/07 EETI launched the first high voltage SoC EXC3104
2014/06 EETI set up showroom at EETI office during COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014

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