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eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc ( EETI ) is a listed company at Taipei Exchange Market ( Taiwan 3556 ) and specialized in touchscreen controller solutions. Since founded-in 2000, the company has grown to over 170 employees with annual sales revenue exceeding 40 million USD.
Over 19 years of experience in research and development of touchscreen solution, we offer a seamless integration package from controller hardware and firmware for all mainstream touch technologies to software and drivers in various operating systems.
EETI touchscreen solutions include, projected capacitive, surface capacitive, resistive and surface acoustic wave, four major touch technologies. As EETI’s products all are firmware ready and quick-to-market, products are adopted in a wide spectrum of applications, including :
     * Consumer products (notebook, desktop monitors, tablet, cell-phone)
     * military, industrial, medical
     * Gaming
     * Automobile and aviation
EETI’s product distribution channels span Asia, North America, South America and Europe with direct and local sales and technical support.
EETI is in long-term collaboration with upstream touch sensor manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, USA and Europe. The partnerships enable cross discipline innovations allowing unique sensor and controller designs which when used in conjunction, results in higher system performance and lower overall cost.
Also in collaboration with downstream IT and ODM/OEM companies, EETI is intimately involved in touchscreen related system integration in which EETI provides technical support, sensor design guidelines, software and tester tools, and technical training sessions.
To offer best in class touchscreen controller solutions to customers, EETI subcontracts touch controller production to several established factories and plants in Taiwan that are all ISO9001 and IEQC080000 certified. To guarantee correct operation right out of the box on all products delivered, EETI conducts strict incoming quality control (IQC) and outgoing quality control (OQC) on all products.
2014.10 Announced SOC for active stylus pen touch solution.
2013.01 Announced SOC for projected capacity touch solution.
2012.11 EETI has been listed in Forbes Asia's list of 200 Best Under A Billion for the year 2012.
2011.10 Announced touch control IC for 10 point touch solution on Win7 and 8.
2010.07 Certified for ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.
2009.11 Certified for IECQ QC080000 (HSPM).
2008.04 EETIs' stock was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (No. 3556)
2008.02 Certified for ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.
2007.05 Launched infra-red touch controller.
2006.03 Become a vital partner of Microsoft for UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer)
2005.09 Passed WHQL verification for all products.
2004.11 Launched SAW touch panel technology.
2004.04 Launched universal RS232/USB dual interface surface capacitive touch controller.
2003.06 Won SBIR award from Taiwan government.
2002.05 Launched Surface capacitive touch controller.
2001.06 Launched 4/5/8 wires resistive touch controller.

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