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In a public amusement place, we can see there are more and more touch solutions, like Casino, Pachinko, KTV and Coffee table. In order to protect the touch sensor do not damage by drunken customer, Casino will laminate the thick cover glass on the top. Even if there is the air gap between the sensor and cover glass, EETI solution can support it.
Thich Glass
For rugged and security-intensive applications, a thick cover glass is in the front line for protecting the system and properties. Now the supportability for thick cover glass and multi-touch technology is combined on EETI’s solution. Its exceptionally high Signal and Noise Ratio (SNR) supports thick glass that is more than 5mm.
Air-Gapped Touch
Simple installation, easy repair and less RMA cost. EETI provides the most expected design that allows cover glass to be separated from touch sensor. Once the cover glass is damaged, this design makes cover glass replacement an easy job, and no further cost for buying a new the touch sensor. EETI solution has an exceptionally high Signal and Noise Ratio (SNR) that detect touch signal through air.
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