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EETI touch solutions are used widely in the industry field ( for example banking system, ATM machines POS, Kiosks ), as well as for advanced military and security solutions, high tech gaming applications, and custom design applications. We provides higher SNR ( signal-to-noise ratio ) touch controller that against noise problem ( LCD noise, peripherals, and the environment ) for better touch performance.  
Adaptors, motors, fluorescent light, electromagnetic waves and various noise sources are all around us; as a result, the capability of noise resistance brings reliability and security to the system. The EETI noise resistance technology provides a stable touch solution that endures most environment conditions.
We understand there are always situations that you need a glove on your hand. EETI solution has superior high Signal and Noise Ratio (SNR) that detect touch signal through glove, and you can keep you hand protected while operating touch system.
Super Large Format
We aware that Tablet and AIO PC format may not satisfy your desire to play big, EETI has developed sensing technology that made large-size PCAP touch screen a reality dream. You can design eye-catching applications on a 70inch touch screen to impress every viewer.
      • Banking/ ATM
      • Digital Signage/ Public Information Display
      • GPS/ Fish Finder
      • Kiosk/ POS
      • Factory Automation Control
      • Education (interactive table, touchscreen whiteboard, tablet)
      • Military
      • Security Control
      • Vending Machine
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