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EOL Notification
Effective immediately, eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc. (EETI) is announcing the manufacture discontinue and End of Life (EOL) of following products.

End of Life (EOL) Product List :
Product P/N Description
Complete Sun series IR product line, including :

EETI's Sun series infrared (IR) touch panels :

15" IR Panel
17" IR Panel
18.5" IR Panel
19" IR Panel
20" IR Panel
21.6" IR Panel
26" IR Panel
32" IR Panel
42" IR Panel
46" IR Panel
52" IR Panel
The EOL information is supplied prior to enable related clients to make the necessary adjustments to their present and future purchasing plans. Users of these products should review this material carefully and ensure that final purchases are made within the schedule as defined below. End-of-sale and Last Ship date for obsolete items will be effective by the following dates.

Product end-of-life dates :
End-of-sale date : October 31, 2017
Last ship date : December 31, 2017

Suggested Replacement Products
EETI has discontinued its development and manufacture of infrared (IR) technology based products by the end of year 2017. Our replacement recommendation is PCAP touch panel, which can functionally substitute IR touch panel and add extra features like water-resistance and multi-touch.

EOL Product Replacement Product
Sun Series IR Touch Panels EETI PCAP Touch

Limited Warranty
All products under notice of phase-out shall be subject to the EETI standard limited warranty.

Please contact with EETI sales for further information. touch_sales@eeti.com

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