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2018 / 06
EETI EXC80H84 supports mixed inputs simultaneously

EETI introduced a new MCU-based projected capacitive ( PCAP ) single chip EXC80H84 supporting eGalaxPen ( EETI active pen ) and high voltage driving signal to achieve high Signal-Noise-Ratio and better wideband interference susceptibility. With high voltage driving power and multiple working frequencies, EXC80H84 provides an excellent interference susceptibility touch performance.

By deploying its 46 transmitter x 84 receiver channels, EXC80H84 is able to support up to 24” touch screen. With high integration for controller design and sensor shielding layer is not required, which will enhance customer’s cost competitiveness of products. Another remarkable feature EXC80H84 supports “Mixed Inputs”, dual EETI active pen or active pen with finger inputs simultaneously. EXC80H84 is capable to work with different PCAP touch sensor structure including, Single Side ITO(SITO), Double Side ITO(DITO), Glass/Film, Glass/Film/Film and Glass/Glass. EXC80H84 fulfills all aspects of touch function requirements, working with finger, active pen, passive pen, gloves, thick glass.

EXC80H84 and eGalaxPen ( EETI active pen ) sample demo is ready, please contact with EETI sales for further information : touch_sales@eeti.com


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