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2014 / 03 / 05
EETI invalidated ELAN’s China patent by successfully presenting evidence.
The patent invalidation of ELAN’s China patent 200810091068.X, which was filed by EETI, was affirmed by patent reexamination board of state intellectual property office of the P.R.C. The claims 11-20 of the patent which ELAN used to accuse EETI of infringement were all invalidated.
ELAN filed the patent infringement lawsuit against EETI in China on Apr. 1 2013, accusing EETI infringes its china patent 200810091068.X. After EETI filed an invalidation application, ELAN voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit in China on Nov. 12 2013. Beijing second intermediate people’s court affirmed the dismissal on Nov. 15 2013.


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