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In transportation industry, touch screens are used in various specialized applications, whether by rail, air, ground, or sea. While durability, reliability, extra toughness, EMI suppression, highly response and efficiently are among the most important criteria when choosing touch screen solution for public use.
EETI is the world expert in touch technology and provides touch screen solutions for all applications and it’s also the preferred solution in the transportation and airlines field.
Water Resistance
Waterdrops, sweaty hand, and wet fingers? You may not always keep your hand dry and clean, but EETI solution can always provide a pleasant user experience in wet screen condition. EETI water resistance feature avoids unexpected interference from moisture and remains a stable touch function.
Thick Glass
For rugged and security-intensive applications, a thick cover glass is in the front line for protecting the system and properties. Now the supportability for thick cover glass and multi-touch technology is combined on EETI’s solution. Its exceptionally high Signal and Noise Ratio (SNR) supports thick glass that is more than 5mm.
      • Car PC / GPS Navigation
      • Train system control panel
      • Avionics
      • Bike rental system (U-Bike)
      • Navigation Devices (Auto, Marine Devices)
      • Ticketing Accessories
      • Auto rental kiosks
      • Entertainment Systems
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