Surface Acoustic Wave

For a long period of time, the SAW touch has been a favourite choice of touch technology, especially for touch monitor, ATM, public kiosks and gaming cabinets. Its unique working principle makes it a robust solution for public users. System integrators should pay attention that the bezel on top of the touch screen has a significant impact the signal and reliability; integrating a SAW Touch screen requires a good housing design along with good assembly works.

EETI Solutions
SAW Touch sensor is a one-layer tempered glass that delivers excellent optical clarity and high-quality touch accuracy; glass thickness can be increased to reinforce touch screen’s strength to impact, making it a vandalproof solution for public usage. Additional coating options include anti-glare (AG), anti-reflective (AR) and Anti-smudge (AS) for fingerprint-proof.

EETI’s 3rd generation Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) controller is designed to pair with EETI SAW touch sensors, altogether it’s a favourite solution for touch monitors and public applications that requires high durability.




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