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Organizational Structure Chart

The business of each main department :

Department Functions and Duties
Audit Team 1. To be in charge of inspecting and evaluating the reliability and effectiveness of the Company's operating data and internal controls.
2. To put forward improvement suggestions so as to improve the effective operation of the Company.
R&D Division 1
R&D Division 2
Planning and implementation of design, research and development of new products and technologies.
Sales & Marketing Division 1. To be in charge of business promotion, marketing, exhibition, customer service, market expansion, etc. of each marketing regional center.
2. Planning of product marketing strategies.
3. Processing of customer complaint operations.
Engineering Division 1. Quality data collection and analysis management.
2. To be in charge of product engineering, process outsourcing, and related business.
3. Warehouse management, shipping and planning, import and export business, supplier price inquiry, procurement, storage quantity control, shipment scheduling.
Quality Assurance Department Establishment and assurance of the quality system.
Finance and Accounting Department 1. To be in charge of planning the Company's source of funds, managing the use of funds, and dealing with financial institutions.
2. To be in charge of the establishment of the accounting system, accounting and account processing, preparation of accounting statements, financial reports, and providing financial and cost analysis information.
3. To be in charge of the Company's tax filing, payment and management as well as stock affairs related operations.
Information Technology Department Maintenance and development of the information technology management system, network management and procurement of information equipment.
Personnel and General Affairs Department Planning of the Company's organization and human resources, formulation of the personnel management system, providing personnel recruitment services, education and training, performance appraisal, and planning and establishing administrative operations such as general affairs procurement and management.
General Manger's Office 1. To be in charge of all matters related to the operation of the Company, including the planning, execution and coordination of the overall operation of various departments of product development.
2. To be in charge of legal affairs, patent application and management related affairs.