Employee Work Environment and Personal Safety
Stakeholder Engagement 中文

EETI aims to establish a smooth communication channel and maintain strong interactive relationships with stakeholders.
In the execution of our customer policies, our focus on product quality goes beyond mere customer satisfaction. We aim to achieve continuous quality improvement and an efficient and effective quality management system.
"In the relationship with suppliers, our company has set up a dedicated organization and personnel to ensure that products comply with environmental requirements from different countries and customers. We have established specific procedures such as 'Outsourcing Procurement Management Procedure' and 'Vendor Management Procedure.' Regarding HSF product suppliers, they are required to provide the following documents during their initial engagement: 'HSF Testing Report,' 'Ingredient List,' 'MSDS,' and 'HSF Guarantee Letter.' For external processing facilities, we conduct on-site assessments and audits to ensure their processes are environmentally friendly and free from pollution. When purchasing HSF products, suppliers need to be either customer-designated sources that meet HSF material requirements or suppliers capable of providing HSF materials developed by themselves. Upon the initial delivery of HSF products, suppliers must provide a 'HSF Testing Report' (certified by a third-party organization), 'MSDS' or 'Ingredient List,' and the 'HSF Guarantee Letter.' These documents must be within their validity period; otherwise, we will handle it as a return. Additionally, we conduct regular annual reviews and inspections of supplier-related documents. We require suppliers to comply with RoHS regulations, which prohibit the use of harmful substances in their products, and encourage the incorporation of energy-efficient designs in their products. Our goal is to contribute to environmental protection by ensuring that the raw materials used in our products do not contain harmful environmental substances, striving to be a part of the global effort to produce eco-friendly, low-energy, and carbon-neutral products, and demonstrating our commitment to Earth's preservation."
For our employees, shareholders, and the general public, our company upholds a position of integrity and care, expecting to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Stakeholders Issues of Concern Communication Channel Contact Information
Employees Salaries and benefits
Career development
Occupational health and safety
Irregular interviews and meetings
Labor-management consultation meetings
Employee Welfare Committee
Ms. Liao
Customers Satisfaction survey
Quality and product service
The degree of compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations.
Communicate directly with customers face to face, and assign suitable personnel to discuss and solve problems with customers according to their suggestions and problems. Mr. Chang
Suppliers Regulatory compliance
Supply Chain Management
Meetings Ms. Lin
Shareholders Operating performance
Business strategy
Risk management
Shareholders’ meeting、Annual report、
EETI website、Market Operation Post System
Mr. Ku
Society Environmental protection
Social engagement
Contributing to the society Mr. Ku
Reporting Fraud and Violation of Professional Ethics We are committed to conducting all our business activities with integrity and will not tolerate any form of corruption or fraudulent behavior. If you come across any suspicious actions or potential violations of our company's code of ethics by our employees, please inform us. Your report will be handled by the appropriate senior management based on the severity of the situation. Ms. Liao