What is eGalaxTouch

The eGalaxTouch sum up EETI’s touch technologies, from IC, PCBA and sensor design,to algorithm and software driver/tool development. All products are named based on the astronomical system.
The list starts from Pluto, Saturn and Mercury for resistive touch, Titan for SAW touch, Sun for Infrared touch, Orion for firmware family, and the eGalaxTouch driver with its most recognizable user interface.

The eGalaxTouch driver utility tool was first released in nearly two decades ago, and gradually evolved into today’s compact version, the tool provides all required functionality in one package. Supported operating system versions including Windows, Windows Embedded / CE, Linux, Android, Mac, QNX and Chrome series.

About EETI

eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc. (EETI), is a listed company at Taipei Exchange market ( Stock Code 3556 ) and ISO-9001 certified manufacturer. Through continuously investing in research and development, eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc. (EETI) actively creates next-level touch panel solutions since established in 2002.
With corporate headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and employee size of 200 people, its technologies cover Projected Capacitive (PCAP), Surface Capacitive (SCAP), Resistive (RES) and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch for industrial, commercial, gaming, medical, banking, military, transportation and consumer electronic sectors.

Touch Division

EETI’s touch division consists of 70% engineer form IC design, driver development, to a large group of Field Application Engineers (FAE). The team work with both touch sensor makers in modules development, and also the end product development with a variety of global brands and system integrators, aim to offer a comprehensive product and support to drive today’s market momentum.

Upcoming End-of-Life (EOL) Product List.
The listed products will be moving from mainstream to extended support as the announced schedule.


Projected Capacitive
Surface Capacitive    Surface Acoustic Wave

Marine    Industrial / HMI    Medical    Aerospace Education    Military / Rugged    Laptop / Tablet
Hospitality / Gaming    Retail / POS    Automotive

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