Projected Capacitive

The Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch has been the dominated touch technology since the beginning of smart phone era. Among many of its distinctive merits, the touch sensor has its ITO layers sandwiched underneath the cover glass, this structure secures a superior longevity and optical quality. In addition, the PCAP touch is made for bezel-free architecture, which opens up many possibilities for a sleeker and lighter design. In pursuance of balance between maximise performance and compatibility, EETI PCAP controllers support advanced features including gloved hand input, palm rejection, enhanced noise immunity and so on; In spite of that, it has a desirable compatibility for a variety types of PCAP touch sensors, that ranging from Single Side ITO (SITO), Double Side ITO (DITO), One Glass Solution (OGS/TOL), Glass-Glass (GG), Glass-Film-Film (GFF), Glass-Film (G1F), Glass / DITO Film (GF2), On-Cell, to Metal Mesh type sensors.

IC Chip
The Orion chips come in two packages- the EXC80H (H Chips) and the EXC80W (W chips), although the perforamnce bewteen thsee counterparts are identical.
The H Cahips, ball pitch at 0.5mm, are preferable for compact or handheld devices; and the W chips are slighly larger with a ball pitch at 0.65mm, which facilitates the layout and improves the production yield rate.

The Orion Series comprises of EXC81, EXC84, EXC86, CB and CD controllers, it is designed for industrial applications and is ideal for all product categories.   The Sirius controllers are categorised into Industrial and Consumer groups, two BGA packages are available for matching all product designs.

Controller Module
The latest Orion PCAP controllers cover up the commonly used sensors ranged from 3 to 105 inches, and conclude all advantageous features for general applications.
The single-chip Sirius controller boards are tailored for general Industrial and Commercial products, when an extended EMC performance is required, the cascaded configurations are the go-to solution for its boosted SNR and noise-suppression capability.


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