Projected Capacitive

The most trendy and sophisticated touch technology to date, the PCAP touch screen provides superb visibility and great durability; at the same time, it made bezel-free design possible and elevates product quality to a next-level as well as facilitate the maintenance effort.

EETI’s PCAP touch controllers are designed to deliver a smooth user experience and meet the criteria for rugged applications. The Orion Family controller concludes all advantageous features from its prior generations and is capable to work under a harsh environment. Standard controller boards and ICs are available to cover a full range of touch sensor sizes.

EETI Solutions
PCAP Controllers are in both IC and controller board format, regardless it is in PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) or COF (chip-on-flex) format, EETI PCAP controller grant a cheerful user experience. The touch Input force is feather-light, and multi-touch opens up the diversity for creating more new applications. The EXC84 family support small to mid-size PCAP touch screen with the most desired industrial feature; as for ultra-large, the EXC86 family is capable of supporting most of the ultra-large sized PCAP touch screens in the market.


Industrial      Commercial      Consumer Electronics     
Medical / Healthcare     
Gaming      Transportation



Projected Capacitive    Resistive
Surface Capacitive    Surface Acoustic Wave


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