The Resistive touch is a cost-effective solution and easy to assemble; above all, it is an ideal solution for products that need to operate under wet screen conditions and high-noise environments. EETI’s resistive 4 / 5 / 8 wire Res controllers grant excellent compatibility with a wide variety of resistive sensors from the market. Proven controller performance is trusted by the world’s major resistive sensor manufacturers. For industrial systems and embedded designs, single-chip resistive controller ICs are available for integration into the mainboard.
Controller Module

Launched in 2022, the Kappa Series is driven by EETI's ETR8000 MCU, it is the first RES controller that introduced auto detection and auto pairing feature, making it possible to go with most 4-wire and 5-wire RES sensors effortlessly.   Mercury Series MER4485XRU has been a long-standing product for over a decade, it's EETI's first RES controller that supports firmware update feature, product manufacturers are able to benefit from the latest algorithm over time.


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