The resistive touch is a cost-effective solution and easy to assemble, and above all, it is an ideal solution for products that need to operate under wet screen condition and high power noise environment.
EETI’s resistive 4 / 5 / 8 wire Res controllers grant excellent compatibility with a wide variety of resistive sensors in the market. Proven controller performance is trusted by world’s major resistive sensor manufacturers.
For industrial system and embedded designs, single-chip resistive controller ICs can be integrated into the mainboard.

EETI Solutions
The Mercury series resistive controllers offer USB, RS232 and combo selections,but only one interface can work at a time. I2C and PS2 are also available on special model.


Consumer Electronics      Home Appliance
Industrial      Transportation


Projected Capacitive    Resistive
Surface Capacitive    Surface Acoustic Wave


Marine    Industrial / HMI    Medical    Aerospace Education    Military / Rugged    Laptop / Tablet
Hospitality / Gaming    Retail / POS    Automotive

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