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>     USB/RS-232     2024.03.20 ~New~        
For Surface Capacitive / Resistive / Surface Acoustic Wave / infrared.

Please contact Sales or FAE for Projected Capacitive.

The driver is a mouse emulation driver. 
If your USB interface touch device is projected capacitive type and Windows version is Windows 7 or later, we suggest you do not install this driver. There is a HID touch digitizer build-in driver in Windows 7 or later.
If your need RS-232 interface driver for projected capacitive type touch device , please contact us.

If you have done Windows 10 Windows Update before 2015/8/12, you may find your touch device become single touch or lost function.
Please refer below link for recovery SOP and related utility.

> Download the patch

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>     PS2   2014.06.19   

Windows XP Embedded

>     2014.05.20

>     2014.05.20      For Projected Capacitive.

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